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About GCN

Dates and date palms are and have always been the pride of our Arabian countries. We have equally great pleasure and are proud to be one of the leading suppliers of high quality "Tissue Cultured" date palm plants.

Green Coast Nurseries is based in Fujairah, one of the seven emirates forming the United Arab Emirates. We are into the production, management and selling of "Tissue Cultured Date Palm Plants", tender coconut palms, other palms like Livistonia, Brahea, Royal Palm, Blue Palm, etc. and a vast array of fruit and ornamental plants.

Our specialization is in the production of high quality (female) date palm plants which have been propagated (spelling) through the technique of "Tissue Culture" and special variety of male date palm yielding the highest & best quality of dates. These plants have been produced in our laboratories in close collaboration with a UK. company who have been in this field since the last 30 years and have successfully researched for the development and production of date palms. Our company's reliable, well controlled system generate commercial quantities of high quality, genetically uniform plants of the most select and desirable varieties.



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Vast Selection of Quality Date Palm Varieties


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