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Date Palms Development

Growth and development of tissue cultured date palms


Growth and development of tissue cultured date palm plants go under several steps. We summarize it as follows:


I. We import the highest quality of date palm trees from around the world for the sole purpose of propagation using state of art tissue culturing technology .


II. The active heart tissues are taken from the selected plant and under the highest hygienic conditions are then planted in a proper media in our labs .


III. From the developing embryo to a green plant takes place in our labs equipped with a proper life support system controlled by temperature, humidity and light & closely monitored.


VI. The newly developed plant is then taken to the glass houses where it is gradually hardened and accustomed to the normal environment in which it will be planted in. This process takes almost 3 months.



The nursery period takes 3 to 6 months time in which the plant is developed and accustomed to the real life temperature and conditions and is closely monitored by our trained specialist and engineers in our Bidyah site. After this period the plants are ready to be planted anywhere.




Advantages of tissue cultured plants over traditionally propagated plants :

The new plants are 100% duplicate of the mother in all characteristics.
Fast growth in about 2 to 3 years. The plants produce dates.
100% healthy and disease free.
Strong developed roots and durable plants with negligible losses.
Unlimited number of plants can be produced.
Larger quantity of fruit dates are produced as compared to traditionally propagated plants.
100% quality guaranteed.
Ease of transportation from one place to another.
Can be planted the year around.

Taking Heart Tissue From Selected Plants

Embryos produce shoots and then grow
into young plants as the
roots form.

Young plants are taken to glasshouse
where they are gradually hardened


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